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What Makes our Company Better?

At US Grant Insurance Agency, our personalized approach is aimed at reviewing your insurance needs to tailor a “one-stop” independent insurance solution that saves you money and still provides you with quality coverage.


You will always have an specialist to turn to with your questions and concerns.

Working on your behalf and in your best interests, is what we do best. Our goal is to always bring you better options and choices for your specific needs at the best possible price.

An Independent Advantage

We are independent agents, free to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs. Since we do not work for an insurance company, we work for you.

Being on your side and not tied to a specific insurance provider allows us to follow through and see that you get fair, prompt payment and service for all claims.


US Grant Insurance Agency represents a carefully selected group of financially strong, reputable insurance providers, therefore, we are able to offer you the best coverage at the most competitive price.

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

When you decide to buy a car, you wouldn’t purchase the first one you see.

What if one day the automobile industry decided to make only one type of car, one make and one model. You wouldn’t have a choice!


The same situation holds true for insurance. You need insurance to drive a car, to purchase a house, to protect your family’s financial future and to run a small business.

But if there was only one insurance company that offered only one type of insurance, you wouldn’t have a choice. The only solution would be going to that one company.


Rather than being exclusively tied to one company, we are independent.

Because we are open to look at multiple offers from different providers, you have choices.

One of the advantages of using an independent agent is that he or she works to satisfy your needs instead making only one insurance company richer.

You are using an expert for an important financial decision.


An independent agent will approach several companies to get you the best coverage at the best price.

Also, your independent agent will know the companies with the most efficient claims departments to recover your losses as quickly as possible.


When you buy insurance, you want an advocate who will properly assess the risks you and your family or business might face and give you an objective analysis of the marketplace.

Ultimately, we understand that it’s up to you to make the final choice, and we want you to be informed.

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