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Auto/Car Insurance, Home Insurance, and Business/Commercial Insurance for Fargo and All of ND, MN, SD and More!


US Grant Insurance Agency began with its current President, Grant Allex. Seeing his millennial children drowning in a slew of different advertising tricks from big insurance companies, he knew a lot of adults didn’t realize they were paying way too much every month.

Furthermore, he realized that working exclusively for MetLife was not going to be enough. Despite being rated as top agent and being given glamorous trips every year, he knew that he couldn’t provide the service he wanted with only MetLife.


Thus, he started an independent agency. Now he can utilize plans that do a better job in the areas his clients want.

Grant’s depth of knowledge in the industry has been instrumental in the success of his Agency.


Headquartered in the Fargo-Moorhead area, we embrace the Midwest culture and have been a well-respected and popular choice for both individuals and large businesses.

Most noteworthy is our honest, cheerful support deeply rooted in Christian values, which will never leave you questioning our loyalty to you.


Why are we independent?

By law, insurance plans require an agent.

Although many people sign up online for insurance thinking they are saving money, they will be assigned an agent who may never talk to them that will still get a commission.

This random agent works for the company he or she will need to fight when submitting a claim on your behalf, and he or she may not have your best interests at heart.

If these hidden agents have a bias towards making their boss happy, and you have never spoken to them, how are they really going to meet your needs?


As an independent agency we represent you to a group of national and regional insurance companies as opposed to a single company.

This allows us to shop around for the best solution for your family, business and budget.

If you are going to have to use an agent anyway, why not get one who will fight for you?


Proven Success

Consumers would agree that the ultimate test of any organization is the service it provides to its clients.

We have routinely saved our customers hundreds of dollars while maintaining or even increasing their coverage limits and benefits. Because of our experience, we are able to ask the right questions.

Knowing how the different providers quote plans, we will be careful to disclose only what is needed in order to get you the best rate possible.


US Grant Insurance Agency prides itself on providing timely customer service to answer any question or provide you with an analysis comparing quotes from multiple underwriters.

No matter what type of insurance you may need, we are here to help. Therefore, you’ll get the maximum amount of coverage for the minimum price.


US Grant Insurance Agency is a one-stop agency serving Fargo, ND, Moorhead, MN, and the rest of ND, MN, SD and more!  Ready to quote the best price for Auto/Car Insurance, Home Insurance, and Business/Commercial Insurance.